Doug Solomon
(js: truckstop)

Who else could our initial HOF Inductee be than our beloved Truckstop? Those that knew him, knew him as an occasionally crusty, always caring and unselfish man we should all emulate. Doug didn't have a lot, didn't need a lot, didn't want a lot as far as worldly things. What he did have was one of the biggest hearts ever known.

Doug spent years as a long haul trucker before an accident in North Dakota almost took him before any of us got a chance to even meet him. He and his wife, Joyce, were married on Christmas Eve, 1983 and had a son Adam soon after. Joyce passed away in 1997. Doug found many ways to help fill the void left by his first love's passing and one was when he found WSS in 1998 where he soon became known for, among other things, his Good Morning Report.

Like many of our original members, Doug came to Jockstocks from WSS. By that time his health problems relegated him to spending the vast majority of his time at home. He had a new love, Loreen, whom he shared his last few years with. Doug continued to play Jockstocks via his ‘old Mac’ as best he could, giving us the occasional Good Morning Report, starting the challenge to get people to vote for us on voting sites, and just generally giving us his brand of humour and wisdom.

Doug’s favourite sport was NASCAR and his favourite driver Sterling Marlin. In his younger days, however, he had the dream of becoming a professional hockey player and did almost fulfill that dream. Doug also loved to fish.

We lost Doug to a lung disease on May 3, 2004
Heaven gained a good man. We miss you, Doug!